• Adult Sunday School Class: 

    The book of Revelation

    Sundays, 9:45 am - 10:45 am

    Led by Denny Hutchison.  (in-person only)  

    Consider joining us!

    This class will continue its study of the Revelation -  not approaching it as a book of mysteries, but as “the revelation of Jesus Christ” (Rev 1:1). God has revealed to us the explanation of the great plan and purpose of the almighty architect and maintainer of all “that was and is and yet to be”. During the year, we will examine the “wonders in heaven” and the effect of those wonders in this world that result. We will study evil, its methods and intents, and the beauty of the victorious Christ. 

    We will continue to study the blessed message which provides hope and joy as we, the redeemed, those “sealed servants of God”, though at war, can live as “more than conquerors”, because all things are to the Glory of God and to the benefit of us His people, His glorious Church.

    Location: Hinman Hall

  • adult sunday school class:

    The 20-30-40 class

    sundays, 9:45 am - 10:45 am

    Led by Ben & Kira Demers.  (in-person only)

    This is our new class that is starting up this fall, and is designed for those in their 20's, 30's and 40's. This class is beginning with a study entitled, "The Renewal Journey" which looks at some of the greatest revivals in Scripture and in history and how God's reviving power is at work today.

    Location: Choir Room

  • adult sunday school class:

    study on ephesians

    sundays, 9:45 am - 10:45 am

    Led by Rick Wolling. (in-person only)

    Rick Wolling will begin a study on Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians.  The theme of this epistle is God's eternal purpose in establishing the universal Church of Jesus Christ for His glory and the blessings we have in our new life in Christ.  In this letter, Paul provides encouragement and instruction, both on our priority in life (God and His glory), as well as on our unity in Christ and how that unity calls us to righteous living.  

    Location: Choir Room.

  • Women's thursday night Bible Study

    thursdays, 6:30pm

    Led by Barb Mullen. (in-person only)

    The Women’s Thursday Night Bible Study group meets on on Thursdays at 6:30pm.  This group is focusing on  a study of Joseph based on Genesis Chapters 37-50.  Nowhere do we see forgiveness played out more fully in Scripture than in the Biblical story of Joseph. This study explores what God has to say to us about grace and forgiveness through Joseph's story of trial and triumph.


    New participants are always welcomed to this group!  If you would like to join us in this study, please email or call Barb Mullen, 412-298-5558 or mullenbj388@gmail.com so a book can be ordered for you.

    Location: First classroom on the left when leaving the sanctuary.

  • women's thursday morning bible study

    Thursdays, 9:15am-10:45am

    Led by Lisa Tyger. (in-person only)

    The Women's Thursday Morning Bible Study group meets on Thursdays at 9:15am.  This group is focusing on a 4 week Christmas Study.

    Feel free to invite a friend!

    Contact Lisa Tyger at lisa@peterscreekchurch.org to get a study packet.

    Location: Hinman Hall