Mission of the Month 

Angel Tree


The Mission Team is anxious to begin working on our Mission of the Month for November and December – our Angel Tree.  We will be providing Christmas gifts for 14 refugee and foster children in the Mt. Lebanon school district.  We know that these children will be very blessed by our generosity.


You can choose a tag from the Angel Tree in the church narthex or use the “needs” list that will be sent out by e-mail.  The gifts should not be wrapped, no tag is needed. The mission team will wrap and label the gifts as needed. (If you buy a piece of clothing, a gift receipt would be appreciated since we are unsure of specific sizes.). Gifts are due by Sunday December 10th.


If you are not able to shop for the items, you may make donations to purchase a gift or gift cards for the Angel Tree recipients. Please mark your giving envelopes November/December MOM (Angel Tree).  Thanks in advance for blessing these children as we are blessed.


Thank you,


Missions Team








Our Sunday School Department is sponsoring two children through World Vision, by way of a special offering that is being taken up in each Sunday School class (Children's-, Youth- and Adult classes) every Sunday.  The two children are: Prince Rey, age 10, from the Philippines, and Rihana, a girl from Albania, who is 13 years old. 

Both Prince Rey and Rihana live in an area where online photos and videos are restricted.

(Some countries where World Vision works have child safety and privacy restrictions that prevent the organization from displaying the child’s photo or any videos of the child online.  For these specific countries, sponsored children’s photos will be shared only with their individual sponsors. Out of respect for these countries, we have been asked that we do not post or share pictures of our sponsored children online in any manner.  The church has hard copies of both Prince Rey's and Rihana's photographs and will be glad to share them with you, upon request.)

About Prince Rey

Prince Rey V. is a ten-year-old little boy from a small community south of Manila, Philippines. Like any boy, he enjoys playing traditional outdoor games. His favorite subject in school is mathematics.  His parents struggle to support their family, as Prince Rey’s father is a driver and his mother is unemployed. World Vision helps Prince Rey’s community by providing clean water, education, nutrition, and health systems. Prince Rey’s community continues to struggle with the lingering COVID-19 effects, the aftermath of typhoons and volcanic unrest, the growing risk of violence, and the exploitation of children. World Vision is training community leaders to become more self-reliant so that children like Prince Rey can happily grow into successful people who can graduate from school. 


Our Older Children’s Sunday School class will be writing both World Vision children that we support. 

About Rihana

13-year-old Rihana lives with her parents, one sister, and one brother. Her parents struggle to provide for the family.  Rihana is growing up in the mountainous country of Albania. The village is very rural and poor. The villagers' single floor homes are constructed of stones and sometimes logs or sticks, with mud for mortar. Farmers grow citrus fruit and vegetables. Bread and dairy products are also staple foods. This is a beautiful country with forests, mountains and lakes. Summers are hot and dry, but the winters are cold.  Rihana is not in school at this time. She likes to play basketball. She helps at home by being good; and she is in satisfactory health.

Our sponsorship commitment will help provide Rihana and her community with better health by teaching families and health providers to address poor health and nutrition. Our support will help her parents earn a steady income and encourage Rihana to get an education. And of course, World Vision staff will reflect Christ's love to the children like Rihana through their actions and lives.

...Please pray for Prince Rey and Rihana, and keep the special Sunday School offerings coming! 

Since the Peters Township Food Pantry has decided to close their doors permanently for now, the Mission Team is asking that the congregation give money instead of groceries each month. The money collected each month will be sent to the Greater Washington County Food Bank.  They have been overwhelmed with a huge demand for food because of the COVID pandemic and have broadened their outreach for sources of funding in the area to meet that demand. Together, we can help considerably.


Please consider giving the money that you usually spent on groceries for the Peters Township Food Pantry and donate that to the GWC Food Bank each month. Make your checks payable to the church, note on the check or giving envelope "GWC Food Bank", and mail the check to the church office. 

You may also donate via our website, or via the mobile app, by using the dropdown list under General Fund and selecting GWC Food Bank. This is a great way to use our website or mobile giving option-- and you can set it up as a recurring monthly donation, so you never forget.

God bless you!


Veteran's Home Coffee

The Mission Team is putting out a plea to our membership for large cans of coffee.  We would like to receive at least two cans each week on an  ongoing basis.  If anyone wishes to voluntarily provide the gift of gratitude to these homeless veterans and staff members of the fellowship, we would welcome your gift of a can of coffee now and then.  The coffee will be delivered promptly to the veteran's home.  Let us help to do away with their rationing of coffee.... Let us help them to enjoy their time with a cup of coffee whenever they want one!


Please tape a tag to the top of the coffee with “For Our Veterans”.


Ongoing Mission Support

Peters Creek EPC financially supports five additional mission organizations monthly:

Feed My Sheep

The seed, which would grow to become Feed My Sheep Association (FMSA), was first planted in 2006, when a few residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visited Costa Rica. After reading (in the Tico Times) an article about the poverty of a group of women and children living in a small shantytown in Tibas, near the Costa Rican capital of San Jose, we felt compelled to go and see the conditions for ourselves. What we saw there changed our hearts forever, and we committed ourselves to helping the needy women and children of Costa Rica. The Feed My Sheep Association is the fruit of that commitment.

Urban Impact

Urban Impact has been serving the youth of Pittsburgh's North Side for more than 20 years.  By working to meet the needs of the whole person through holistic community outreach, we can bring transformative hope to Pittsburgh one person, one family, one block at a time.

Meals on Wheels @ The Crossroads

Meals on Wheels of Peters Township is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that prepares and delivers nutritious meals to seniors and other homebound individuals. Over the past 45 years, they have grown from serving a handful of local clients out of a church kitchen to serving over 160 clients in Peters Township and eleven neighboring communities out of a modern, fully-equipped kitchen, situated in a 3,500 square foot-property rented at the Donaldson’s Crossroads Shopping Center in McMurray, PA.

United World Mission

90% of churches in the world are led by individuals who have little or no training for ministry.

Our goal is bold: To make relevant theological education, practical training, and spiritual formation accessible to every ministry leader in every nation!

You can help make it happen!

Tunnel to Towers Foundation

Since 9/11, we have been helping America’s heroes by providing mortgage-free homes to Gold Star and fallen first responder families with young children and by building custom-designed smart homes for catastrophically injured veterans and first responders. We are also committed to eradicating veteran homelessness and aiding the victims of major U.S. disasters.

Our program service ratio is over 93%; over 93 cents out of every dollar goes directly to program services. Program service ratio is a key barometer used to measure operating effectiveness.