Vacation Bible School

We had so much Fun at this years Vacation Bible School!

Thank you to Everyone who helped out!

Looking forward to Next Year!

*To see pictures of this years 2023 VBS Click Here!

Calling all Heroes! 

We had so much fun during PCEPC's


Dates: June 26-30, 2023

Location:  Peters Creek Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 250 Brookwood Road, Venetia 15367


The HERO HOTLINE” Vacation Bible School welcomed children who had completed Kindergarten up through 5th grade. 

                          Anyone in 6th grade or older was asked to consider registering to be a volunteer HERO TRAINER!

... In the depths of a colorful underground cave, you can find the Hero Hotline Headquarters, where everyone’s gifts are valued, and every hero has a role to play. Each day at the Hero Hotline Headquarters, superheroes of all ages and abilities answer the call and join the Professor and veteran hero, Super Meer the Meerkat, to provide expert assistance and solutions to Hero Teams everywhere!


To look back over the successful week of the

Quest for the King’s Armor in 2022, click here!

--For a joyful look back at our Island Adventure 2021, check out

this slide show! 


VBS 2019

In the later summer of 2019, our Vacation Bible School took us TO MARS AND BEYOND!


Want to relive key moments from this out-of-this-world-adventure? Then click here for PCEPC’s Facebook page, which features a slideshow and several albums of our VBS 2019!

Thank you to everyone who brought donations of much-needed school supplies to be brought to SHIM (South Hills Interfaith Movement!) We collected a huge, overflowing bin of “space debris” on our voyage!