Special Events (overview)

Throughout the year, we offer our youngest members and their friends a variety of special events. There will be events simply for fun, friendship, and fellowship; and there will be undertakings which allow children to become involved in service projects and -activities. There will be children participating in special worship services, and seasonal, inter-generational festivals.

No matter the occasion, we celebrate having been adopted into God's Family, through the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Current Events

PCEPC Release Form

For any events taking place off-campus, or for times when parents are not on campus with their children, please make sure you have a PCEPC-specific Release Form on file with us (one per child). Access it here!


As a service to our community, we will be soon be organizing our Spring Baking Event for children and families. The resulting cookies will be brought to Meals on Wheels in Peters Township.

Stay tuned for the date!

For questions or to sign up, please email Dianne!

Fun and Fellowship

Our next Fun Event for Kids will be an outing to IRON CITY NINJA, 859 Missionary Drive, Pittsburgh, on March 12!

We have reservations for a party from 6 - 8 pm that Sunday... So, mark your calendars, let Katie know you're planning on coming, and with how many kids -- as your kids may want to invite friends!


We enjoyed "A Night Like No Other", our Christmas Eve Pageant presented by PCEPC Children and Youth....

Check back soon for the announcement of our next Special Worship Service involving the participation of our children during Lent!

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